How It Got Started

God prepared my heart years ahead!

Meet Promise

God's plans are often bigger than we imagined!

Through many ways, God had me thinking about and praying for orphans for most of my life. Often with dreams, sermons, and my own quiet time with the Lord, I felt a burden for orphans that I didn't know what to do with. Adoption? Missions? What? Just keep praying and waiting was all I "heard". My husband and I raised 6 children, spent 5 years in Japan, and then as nearly empty-nesters, God brought us to Dayton, Ohio. Now as grandparents, God had us meet a young homeless woman, 7 months pregnant, with a 3yr old, and I just knew this was  God asking us to care for them. How could we not after so many years with this burden? What I didn't expect was to absolutely fall in love and see God unfold a dream he gave me 18 years prior that always stayed with me.