Promise House 2020

Here it is already March 2020 and I have been remiss to update on this website all that has happened since the beginning of January. We now have a physical building to house Promise House Ministries! Renovations over the last 2 months have been furious as plumbing and electrical have been updated as well as the bathroom torn down to the studs. By the end of the month we should have a nearly complete functioning bathroom! Woot woot!

Prayers are needed as we prepare for our first families to arrive, and all that needs finished in the house to do that. The kitchen is the next big project and then painting and bringing in furniture and all required to house and care for two women and their babies. Fund raising is also a focus with encouraging founding donors to cover our monthly costs. We are praying for 20 individuals/families to commit to $50 a month so our monthly operational costs are covered for the house. This will allow for other fund raising to go towards house improvements that will make Promise House not only functional for our moms, but a place we can hold gatherings of women and children as we host classes, Bible studies, and training opportunities for our community.

If you would like to be foundational in this start up ministry we would love to have you! We need not only your financial support but your daily prayers and hands on help if you are so inclined. This ministry is meant to be a local church ministry where we join together to make a difference in the lives of women and children that are struggling. All free hands are needed! Please leave us a note and let us know how you would like to be involved! Suggested needs are: Pick a time slot to:

Cook a meal and sit and visit with the moms and children.

Provide an hour of ESL or pre-school instruction to the children.

Lead a Bible Study.

Teach a home management skill.

Take the moms grocery shopping.

Teach a marketable craft that we can sell at local craft fairs.

Help us develop a micro-business plan and execute it.

Teach childcare skills and how to have a positive influence for children's growth and development.

Help us with lawn care and gardening.

Provide mentoring as the women transition to their own home.

Teach budgeting and help the moms organize their finances.

The list could go on, but I hope we have got ideas flowing. As you can see, the needs will be endless, but we also know God is with us and will help us encourage and strength these women and get them to a place where they feel confident that they can take the next steps in their journey with hope and courage! The ministry of partners like you from the body of Christ is a testimony of God's love and care!

To become a founding donor please go to: and put in your reoccurring monthly donation with Promise House in the drop down menu. We can't thank-you enough for your generosity and the difference this will make in lives of those God brings to us! We look forward to sharing with you all God is doing in the months and years ahead!